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Thai customs


As you know we do "Wai" by put both of your hands on your chest and bend your head a little bit to hands.

"Wai" is for
1) Greeting
2) Thank
3) Good Bye
4) Apologize
5) Praying to the Buddha
6) Begging

But!!! Do you know ? We don't "Wai" to everyone. Thai people pay respect to someone who is older as senior and we respect them as boss in a service business. So, please don't wai to anyone who is younger than you. Younger people won't feel comfortable to get your "Wai" first. But if they do to you, you'll have to accept them back by do it the same after that.

Don't have to "Wai" everyone who you don't know. For example; if you buy something in the shop, you don't have to "Wai" the owner because you're the customer unless they invite you to stay over or join food with them. "Wai" must be feeling or meaning to that person.

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 Don't kiss in Public


 Thailand is quite conservative country. We don't kiss by lips in public. When you want to come and see Thai life and culture, please respect our country as don't do like we normally don't. There are still so many people do that which we don't mind though but just don't feel comfortable to see much because you're quite outstanding here as the visitor.

You may see some Thais people doing that but again it is not appropriate.

You may not know what people talk in Thai language when you both are kissing so sweet in a front of us.

Remark : You don't waste time of walking dog too. (look in a picture)







As you know that shopping in Thailand is great fun. Some people think that it's like games to make you feel proud when you get the cheapest price. O.K. you can have fun but please notice that price that you go to shop is not all the same. Notice!!! Tourist market like night market is more expensive price from local market. So, Thai people in local area don't have any reason to charge you more than normal. Please bargain just a little bit like 5-20 Baht only.

Whatever, even though Thai loves to bargain but we accept all food that we buy. We don't bargain food even though it's expensive but we will pay without complain.



  Temple is not the beach!!


 Don't lay down or sleep there

  For the Buddhist, going to the temple is quite special thing for us to do. We believe that there’re many angels or good spirits protect the monastery. We will not do anything to find it as disrespect way to the place. Even though some area of the temple is nice and cool to lay down and take a nap but try not to do please because it doesn’t look nice for when a hundred of people come to pray and walk pass you. We feel like you’re relaxing on the beach….



Be respect to the temple please......

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Feet in Thailand are considered low limbs so do not sit on the floor with your legs outstretched and feet pointed at other people. If you would like to point at something, use your hand instead of your foot.











 Thai women

Don’t think that Thai women are ‘easily available’. It’s is true that some Thai women are working in the sex industry or look forward to have a ‘farang’ husband. But this represents a very small percentage among the female population.











Mr. Mrs. Miss or Khun


It is common to be called by your first name; for instance Mr.John, or usually with the title “Khun”. Thais refer to one another in this manner.







 Mai Pen Rai


You will probably hear the phrase ‘mai pen rai’ as much as ‘sawasdee’. Thai people avoid conflict. You might notice thais will disappear at the first opportunity when in a confrontational situation.








 Find your "Aunt" and "Uncle" in Thailand


 Thai life centres around the family. Most Thais are devoted to their family. And terms like uncle and aunt are often used to indicate an affectionate but non-biological relationship.









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Make sure we understand your meaning YES or NO.

The words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are often also indicated by simply repeating the verb. So if the question was “do you want to go?”, it would e answered by saying “want” or “don’t want”, rather than “yes” or “no”

















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