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Dear everyone,

“Do you know what?”

The reason that I add this page because ‘family’ is one of popular questions from tourist that I got. So, I’m proudly would like to introduce my family to you all.

  My father and my mother 


They’re the best parents in my world.

They got married in 1971, after falling completely in love.


I’m the first child who everyone agrees that I look like father.





My sister, Ben , my junior by six years.

Ben got married to Chuwit

She is house wife and beautiful mother of “Prim” and "Prem". I feel no more depress after my parents have at least 2 grand-children from my sister.












  This is "Prim", my niece.      

 And "Prem", my nephew.

















The youngest is my brother, the only one in the family who can hand down the family surname. 

His nickname is Gee. He is still single and lives with our parents in our hometown of Sing Buri.

He is in the army.











Our definite meeting date of each year is Thai New Year (13 Apr.), Mother’s Day (12 Aug.) and New Year’s Eve (31 Dec.). We’ll meet at our hometown, Singburi.






The last handsome man, who stands next to me is my grandfather, the father of my mom.

He is now 87 years old. (This picture is taken in 2008). Grandfather prefers to live with our family than living with my grandmother (ha….) ,where is about 3 kilometers far from us. The reason is he loves to work and being in the farm as my mother’s family is originally rice farmer. Even though my grandparents are all retired from working but everyone just can’t stop and relax but they get use to in having activities.


My grandfather is now still being able to climb on the mango trees, make a charcoal, planting and go to the temple. He dreams to see Bangkok again since he never been for longer than 10 years.


I promised him to show and try the sky train and subway, the newest technology in town which he never seen before in life.


Pet's section

This is ‘Yoko’,one of our three dogs. She is a Shisu dog who is clever and loves company. “Yoko” was the only a dog who has chance to travel on car with my parents. So, she saw the city and the beach already but after my parents get “Prim” and "Prem", our niece. Yoko becomes to be Yoko, a lovely dog only.  


This is “Katheriya” or “Kat”. She is named by Thailand’s superstar. She is a Puddle dog, the newest member of dogs in our family. She looks more like a sheep. She loves to run fast and jumps like a deer. So, I usually call her “Kae” which it means sheep in Thai. Kath is probably confuse to be called Kae but she may forgive me as I don’t really go back home much and she may thinks that I forget her name.

“Kat” is Yoko’s close friend.


The last one is “Joy” but she is not joy like her name. She is “BangKaew”, the type of Thai dog. Joy lost all of her 4 babies in family.  

“Joy” loves my brother so much. She makes very loud noise when she sees him. My brother calls her sadistic dog because she loves him to beat her by his hand. She moves her tail real fast and very happy when my brother plays with her like that. Well, I don’t understand just like you do too.


“Joy” is the enemy of those 2 small dogs above. They have shift time to be free. One shift is “Joy” alone and the other is for 2 small close friend dogs.




December’ is our favourite month !!!!

* 5 Dec.      His majesty the King’s birthday

* 10 Dec.    Democracy holiday

* 14 Dec.    Chuwit, my brother in-law’s birthday

* 14 Dec.    My close friend’s birthday

* 19 Dec.    My uncle’s birthday

* 23 Dec.    Ben, my sister’s birthday

* 25 Dec.    My father’s birthday

                   (We’re Buddhist. We don’t celebrate Christmas.)

* 27 Dec.    My birthday

* 31 Dec.    New Year party

Plus my brother birthday is 5 days after December (5 January)

Last 10 years, my father lives happily with my mother, brother and our dogs after he retired. Our house was a fruit farm in the middle of a rice field. We converted the rice field to practice farming, using the basic ideas expounded by His Majesty the King in his Royal projects.  We’ve got a fish pond, lemon trees, jackfruit trees, mango trees, coconut palms, rose apple trees, longan trees, Burmese grape (baccaurea sapida) trees and fighting chickens.

In 2006, Thailand had got too much water from the nature disaster. My hometown, Sing Buri, had flooded. All plants dead and it’s too much work to revive them all.

Since this year (2008) rice is highly require from people in the world. Our family converts again to make a rice field.


 Life is too short to be sad.

Things can happen without any expectation.

I pray to the Buddha for everyone in my family having a good health

and being together as long as possible.  



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