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Sport & Adventure tour

Bicycle tour in Bangkok


Program A        Colors of Bangkok

Therefore any healthy person who can ride a bicycle can join the trip. During the trip, which is limited to a maximum of 8 people per group, participants get to see the remarkable contrasts that Bangkok Metropolis has to offer.


We visit a local Buddhist temple, a sweatshop making sandals or other goods; take a short boat trip across the Chao Praya river in a long tail boat; and see luxurious villas and apartments juxtaposed with poor shacks of local slums, and the people living in them. We visit an open-air Muay Thai school (kick boxing), a Burmese style (Mon) built Chedi, a local elementary school, before riding through the greenest area of Bangkok, where you might even recognize some of the plants you have at home, only here they are much bigger.


Cars and other heavy traffic are not allowed to drive throughout the majority of “Colors of Bangkok”, ensuring a route which is 95% traffic free.

During the trip we stop every hour for a short rest and to provide you with soft drinks or water. Halfway through the trip we provide a small local meal (Pad Tai Kung or Kao Pad) in a local restaurant.

Excursion starts daily 8:00 AM & 13:00 PM

Duration : 4-5 hours


Program B     Bangkok Paradise 1 day boat & bike

Just like our Colors of Bangkok™ excursion, we avoid the main streets of Bangkok and use the maze of narrow alleys, small pathways and elevated concrete bicycle-lanes that make Bangkok so different from other metropolises.

During Bangkok Paradise™ you see the daily life of local people passing by. A boat and cycling adventure decorated with orchid farms, banana, papaya and mango trees that bring you to places where it seems like time has been standing still. Besides this, we see beautiful hidden temples. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also added an unrivalled long tail boat journey. Bangkok Paradise™ will add significant value to your stay in Bangkok.


What & Where? Within 45 minutes of our start, we arrive at a local fresh-market. While riding across the market we see widely differing goods from smoked pig heads to beautiful local flowers. A little further on our way, we stop at the remains of defense walls built during the Colonial Era to prevent Western countries occupying Thailand. We continue our route and make a short stop at a small factory where they produce the meat balls you see in many kinds of Thai soups. After 20 minutes more cycling, we arrive at the “Golden Temple”. The journey continues over concrete pathways, through a scenic park and passes orchid farms before bringing us to the pier where long tail boats are waiting.


A spectacular canal trip brings us to the most southern district of Bangkok. It’s difficult to believe that you’re actually in Bangkok Metropolis, because it feels like you’re hundreds of kilometers away from the city. We visit a small factory where the produce incense-sticks used at traditional Thai temples and stop at a typical Thai/Chinese flower-farm.

During the excursion we stop every hour for a short rest and to drink. If you love cycling, and enjoy nature, Bangkok Paradise™ will leave you with some unforgettable memories of Bangkok.


Excursion starts daily 8:00 AM

Duration : 1 full day

This bicycle tour, you’ll have a professional guide who will take good care of you, NOT ‘Tan’.


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