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Bangkok attractions


Within Bangkok



History, culture and temples

The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew (The Emerald Buddha temple)

(Temple of the Emerald Buddha)



Being the city landmarks, these two accompanying attractions serve to be the first place on any visitor’s itinerary. They are within the same compound on Na Phra Lan Roadnear Sanam Luang, surrounded by high white walls occupying an area of about a square mile. The palace, founded in 1782, consists of several buildings with highly deco

rated architectural details. The Royal Chapel, Wat Phra Kaeo, Houses the Emerald Buddha, the most sacred Buddha image in Thailand, photography inside this building is forbidden


The complex is open daily from 08.30 – 15.30 hours, admission fee is 500 Baht. Proper dress is required.




Wat Pho

(The Reclining Buddha temple)


This worldwide famous is located right next to the GrandPalace to the south. It is one of Bangkok’s oldest and largest temples. Wat Pho was built by King Rama I about 200 years ago and houses the gigantic gold plated Reclining Buddha image. This unique image is 49 metres long and 12 metres high with beautifully inlaid mother-of-pearl soles. Wat Pho is also regarded as the first center of public education and is sometimes called Thailand’s FirstUniversity.


The building housing the Reclining Buddha Image is open daily from 09.00 – 17.00 hours.

An admission fee of 100 Baht is required.

Wat Traimit

(The Temple of the Golden Buddha)

At the end of Yaowarat Road near Hualampong Railway Station, there is a temple situated on Traimit Road. This temple is known for its famous Golden Buddha constructed during the Sukhothai period. The image of solid gold is 3 metres high and weighs five and a half tons.


The building holding this image is open to the public everyday from 08.00 – 17.00 hours.

Admission fee 40 Baht.


Wat Arun

(The temple of Dawn )

Located on the west bank of Chao PhrayaRiver, Wat Arun can be reached either by Arun Amarin Road or by crossing the river by boat from Tha Tien Pier, near Wat Pho. The most attractive structure of this temple is the 79 metres high pagoda of Phra Prang. Wat Arun was renovated during the brief Thonburi period to be the Royal Chapel of King Taksin. Despite the meaning of its name that is The Temple of Dawn, the most beautiful view of it is from the Bangkok side of the river at sunset.


Wat Arun is open daily from 08.30 – 17.30 hours.  An admission fee of 50 Baht is required.





  Viman Mek Mansion & Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall

 (TeakwoodMansion )

Wiman MekMansion including the Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall is located behind the National Assembly. Here, visitors can view such beautiful handicrafts as niellowares, Thai silk with vatious unique designs and Liphao basketry like beautiful trys and handbags studded with jewels in different designs such as green beetles.


The compound is open daily from 08.30 – 16.30 hours and admission fee for each person is 50 Baht. Free guide tour is available.




  Jim Thompson’s House

 Located on Rama I Road, Jim Thompson’s House belong to the late james H.W.Thompson who came to Thailand as an officer in the US Forces during World War II. When the war ended, de decided to settle in the Kingdom for Thai silk business. The museum estrablished after he mysteriously disappeared in Malaysia, leaving behind him this house of historical value as his memorial in Thailand.



It’s open for visitor everyday from 09.00-16.30 hours. An admission fee is 100 Baht per person.



 Wat Benjamabopit

 (The Marble Temple)

It's situated on Sri Ayutthaya Road near Chitrada Palace. The temple is well-known because its main building was made of marble during the reign of King Rama V. The best time to visit the temple is the early hours in the morning when Buddhist is magnificently decorated with exposed wooded beams of lacquer and gold plate. A large collection of Bronze Buddha is lined up against the walls of the spacious inner courtyard.

The main building is open to visitors until 17.00 hours. There is an admission charge of 50 Baht.




 Suan PakkadPalace

 (The lettuce farm palace)

The palace is situated on Sri Ayutthaya Road not far from the intersection of Phaya Thai and Sri Ayutthaya road. It used to be the residence of Prince Chumbhotbongse of Nagor Svarga, on of Thailand’s leading art collectors. There is a complex of five traditional Thai houses overlooking a beautifully kept garden. Within it, there is a large collection of Asian art and antiques. One building exhibits a collection of seashells, mineral crystals and painted pottery of Ban Chiang.



Suan Pakkad palace is open everyday from 09.00-16.00 hours. There is an admission fee of 100 Baht.



The National Museum


Within walking distance from the GrandPalace to the north across Sanam Luang, is one of the largest and comprehensive museums in Southeast Asia. The NationalMuseum houses over one thousand artifacts ranging from Neolithic times to the present Bangkok period. The complex, also founded in 1782, consists of several old but beautiful buildings of colorful Thai architectural design.


The Museum is open daily everyday from 09.00 – 16.00 hours except Monday, Tuesday and public holidays.


Admission fee is 20 Baht for Thais and 40 Baht for Foreigner. Guided tours are provided in the mornings at 09.30 – 12.00 a.m. as follows: from the ticket desk every Wednesday and Thursday.


 The National Gallery Museum

 Situated on Chao Fa Road opposite the National Theatre, the NationalGalleryMuseum exhibits traditional and contemporary works of art by Thai artists.


The gallery is open everyday from 09.00 – 16.00 hours except Monday, Tuesday and public holidays.

An admission fee of 30 Baht is required.


 Wat Indravihan

Located in Bangkhunprom are on Wisutkasat Road. Wat Indravihan is well-know for it’s huge standing Buddha image. The image of Buddha-Siariya-Metriya is 32 metres tall (108.99 feet) and 10 metres and 24 inches wide (40.09 feet)


This Buddhist monument was built during the reign of King Rama IV. The topknot of the Buddha image contains the Lord Buddha’s relic brought from Sri Lanka. The temple is open to the public everyday. Free admission.


 Wat Mungkorn Kamalawat

Formerly named Wat Leng Nei Yee, the temple was built in 1871 by Phraya Chotikaratsetthi to disseminate Mahayana Buddhism. In the reign of King Rama V, The temple was renamed to Wat Mungkorn Kamalawat. The temples hall is architecture of Chinese temples style, roof tiles are decorated with animals and vine molding. The interior wall is an arch with splendid sculpture, the biggest Buddha image in the main hall is in Chinese style. A shrine for worship is placed in the hall and there are images of the Worlds Four Keepers stand in front of the hall. 


Open daily from 06.00-18.00 hours. Free admission.


China Town

China Town is an old business centre covering a large area around Yaowarat Road and Charoen Krung Road (New Road ). There are many small streets and alleys full of shops selling all types of goods. The area is always lively, and market stalls abound. It has been the main centre for trading by the Chinese since they were moved from their old site some 200 years ago to make way for The Grand Palace and The Emerald Buddha temple


Indian Town

Visiting the market is a journey of discovery to tastes, smells and sights as  if you had actually travelled to India. The majority of the merchants sell all varieties of cloth and clothing. Ornate Indian jewellery and accessories, such as sandals, abound in this market place. Neighbouring restaurants provide tastes and nibbles of Indian cuisine. But if you are just looking for a snack there are plenty of street vendors offering authentic and fragrant Indian foods. The area extends along Chakrawat Road and farther ahead along Sampeng Lane







Ban Kamthieng

It’s an old house, originally contructed in Chiang mai over 200 years ago and then donated to the Siam Society by its owner and later the reconstruction of which was brought about in Bangkok. Different varieties of Thai flowers and plants can be seen in the garden of the house which is situated at No.131 Soi Asok (Soi 21) Sukhumwit Road. Also on display are items used daily by Thai farmers and fisherman.



It’s open daily from 09.00-17.00 hours except Sunday and public holidays. An admission fee of 100 Baht is charged to help maintain the grounds and property.

Amusement park & zoo


Crocodile farm        

World’s largest crocodile farm with over 30,000 crocodiles, including the largest crocodile in captivity. Also has a small zoo and elephant shows & rides.

(More information: 02 284 0273)


Dream world

A ten minute drive from Don Mueng airport is Bangkok’s answer to Disney world, a beautifully designed amusement park comprising four sections: dream world plaza, dream garden, fantasy land and adventure land featuring a wide variety of rides and games.

(More information: 02 533 1152)


Dusit zoo

This centrally located and very popular zoo also serves as a public park and recreation area.

(More information: 02 281 2000)


Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute (Snake Farm)

Previously known as the Pasteur Institute, it is part of the Thai Red Cross Society. The herpetological research facility is popular because of its large collection of live poisonous snakes. Venom extractions are demonstrated daily.

(More information: 02 252 0161)


Safari World

Situated on 170 acres, it is divided into two parts. Visitors drive their cars or ride in SW’s air-conditioned coaches through the Safari Park that houses a large variety of animals in their natural habitat. The MarinePark features animal shows.


(More information: 02 518 1000)


Outside Bangkok






Samut prakarn


The AncientCity

The AncientCity, like a door opened to the cultural in heritage of Siam. The visitors are able to see the continuity of the history, arts, cultures, religious, thoughts as well as the believes of Thai talents. It shall reflect to Thai fundamentals and the varieties of the cultures on Thai territories. The historical of Siam will visually be revived at The Ancient City. All the visitors can see and sense by themselves.


It takes about an hour by car from Bangkok to the southern direction.

Adult 300 Baht


Children 200 Baht


Visit website








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